State Conference: Masterclass Application

Deadline: September 1, 2017

IMTA members are invited to nominate students from their studio to participate in the masterclasses held during the annual state conference. This year's masterclass format with Forrest Kinney will be different from past years. Mr. Kinney will be teaching two separate masterclasses:

  1. An improvisation class that will need 4-5 students to participate.
  2. A private lesson-style masterclass needing one intermediate student.

Teachers must have paid their dues before submitting this application. Applications from teachers without a current IMTA membership will be denied.

Student families are welcome to attend the masterclass. Students and any family guests are expected to attend the entire masterclass, not just their portion. If selected, please inform your students of this.

Please submit the application once for each student you are nominating. Due to the format of this particular class, we will not be able to accept all applications. Applications must be submitted online through this form, and must be submitted by the deadline. No late applications will be accepted.

Teacher and Student

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If applying for the Improvisation Masterclass, please type "none" for the fields in this section.

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Reasons for Nomination

  • Please describe why you are nominating this student. What might you, the student, and/or the audience learn by their participation in the masterclass?*
  • Which masterclass is this student nominated for--Improvisation or Private Lesson?

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