Idaho Music Teachers Association

Idaho MTA Local Chapters

East Idaho MTA

Greg Peters, President

Magic Valley MTA

Ryker Harris, President

Moscow MTA

Roger McVey, President

North Idaho MTA

Dwayne Huff, President
Contact Person: Betsy McTear

Rock Creek MTA

Suelin A. Buhidar, President

Treasure Valley MTA

Irina Albig, President

Student Chapters

Colleges and universities may establish collegiate chapters of IMTA/MTNA. This gives college students an opportunity to participate in activities of the organization and receive support and mentorship from veteran teachers throughout the state and nationally. Collegiate chapters participate in events such as service projects, giving presentations at the state and national conferences, sponsoring workshops, and presenting their students in recitals.

Boise State University
Advisor: Del Parkinson

Advisor: Stephen Thomas

Idaho State University
Advisor: Kori Bond

University of Idaho
Advisor: Eneida Larti

Be inspired to join with fellow students, get involved, and reap the benefits of belonging to this professional organization for Idaho music teachers! Contact your Collegiate Chapter Advisor for more information.