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Idaho Music Teachers Association

About IMTA

The Idaho Music Teachers Association is a support group fostering personal and professional growth for music educators. We accomplish this through sharing our knowledge with each other, and by holding events such as our annual state conference.

We also host state competitions for our students, and meet local community needs through our local associations.

We are one of six state organizations comprising the Northwest Division of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), a non-profit organization based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

IMTA Past Presidents

1956-1960 Wilhelmina Hoffman
1960-1964 Hall Macklin
1964-1968 Fern Davidson
1968-1972 Dick Skyrm
1972-1974 Goldie Yost
1974-1978 Georgia Blastock
1978-1980 Cecil Simmons
1980-1984 Deloris Waller
1984-1986 Reby Reilly
1986-1988 Sandra Mauchley
1988-1992 Avonne Higgins
1992-1994 Kristin Sample
1994-1996 Phyllis Ross
1996-1998 Barbara Mix
1998-2000 Renee Lacey
2000-2002 David Tacher
2002-2004 Elaine Mills
2004-2005 Gay Pool
2005-2008 David French
2008-2010 Janet Folster
2010-2014 David French
2014-2016 Tawna Love