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Past Conferences

Call for Presenters

Proposal submission for the 2021 conference is now closed.

All IMTA members are welcome and encouraged to submit proposals for conference sessions. No late submissions will be accepted. A list of presenters will be announced by August 15.

Presenters will receive free admission to the conference.

Presentations shall not infringe upon any copyright, trademark, patent, statutory right or proprietary rights of others in any intellectual property or otherwise. Excerpts from copyrighted works may be included with permission of the copyright holders thereof.

No part of the Presentation shall violate any federal or state antitrust or restraint of trade laws. During the presentation, the Presenter shall not discuss or permit the discussion of unlawful anti-competitive behavior including, but not limited to, price fixing, group boycotts, tying arrangements, and refusals to deal.

Call for Presenters
(Please rehearse and time your presentation in advance, to verify)
(e.g. piano, power outlet, etc.)